Sunday, November 27, 2016

'Aeia Loop Trail

Trevor chose 'Aeia Loop Trail for a moderate hike.  Back in the day, Trevor did some logging and removal of a few trees and clearing the paths in that trail, so knew the mountain fairly well.

The parking lot was beautiful and near a public restroom.  A mother hen was nesting in the grass but became nervous and walked away, with about 9 baby chicks following.

The beginning of the mountain trail was easy and pretty, with roots in the dirt to help guide your steps.  The plants were lush and green from the rain that always keeps the mountain moist.  Moss lined the wall of the mountain, the barks of trees, the crevices of rocks, and the ground below.  it was gorgeous.  Trevor introduced Mimi to the Waiwi fruit  (pronounced vy-vee).  He cut one open and split half with Mimi.  it was slightly tart with hard seeds inside.

The first height they reached had a bench and outlook over the cliff.  The trail continued into the woods, but Trevor and Mimi stopped to enjoy this particular section of the mountain.  A couple joggers, with legs stained with mud, stopped to stretch and then continued on.  It was a clue as to what Trevor and Mimi were about to explore.

They took to the trail which became muddied, and muddier, and at some points they had to walk through the mud or deep puddles.

Word of advice:  cleats, hiking boots, and/or hiking sticks would really suffice and is EXTREMELY recommend.  Make sure to pack a spare pair of shoes or slippers/flip-flops in your car or backpack.  You WILL get muddy and it IS dangerously slippery, especially on slopey areas of the trail.

The next incline Trevor and Mimi found, had a fresh lilikoi fruit on the ground.  They looked for the tree, but only found the fruit.  It was Mimi' s first time seeing lilikoi.  She was so fascinated that it looked like a tiny melon.

On the way down the incline to the trail, Mimi's walking shoes proved to fail her (hence the recommendation for cleats or all terrain hiking boots).  Mimi slipped and had to jog out of her slip to avoid falling off the edge of the mountain.

Further into the mountain, the forest was thick with trees and rain.  The ground was soaking wet at times.  Trevor helped Mimi through a few areas of the trail that could be potentially fatal if she slipped, as the trail was muddy and narrow.

Deep into the forest, fallen or cut trees blocked the walkway, and had to either be climbed over or crawled under.  Toward the last part of the trail, Mimi and Trevor found an incline off the path.  it led to a beautiful view and allowed one to realize just how high up you really are.  H3 could be seen below and the cars were small like ants.  900 Feet.

Trevor and Mimi declined and followed the trail out.  Soon enough, they were back to the first end of the parking lot which took an incline back up to the area they initially started.  The incline back to the vehicle was the hardest.
Mimi at the trailhead 

A memorial left near the beginning of the trail 

Beginning of trail 

Mimi's first Hawaiian fir tree

Roots.  they look like an obstacle in the beginning but are very helpful when the ground becomes slippery.

First wooded tunnel of many

Waiwi fruit

First real overlook, of many

Secluded area of trail, Mimi became FREE

H3 freeway below

You WILL get muddy

Trevor's crazy ass, 900 feet up, over the side of the mountain.

Mimi's first kiss in rain, ever

Monday, November 21, 2016

Ka'ena Point Trail Hike

Trevor and Mimi went to Ka'ena Point Hiking Trail.

The trailhead begins on a dirt road where Farrington Highway comes to a complete stop.  There is a makeshift parking lot and signs that mention not to leave valuables in the vehicle and to lock your car.

The trail was muddy at 7am and Mimi wore white running shoes, the only athletic shoes Mimi has in Hawai'i.  They were given to her and she doesn't care whether they stay dirty or clean.  She did bring along a pair of flip-flops, or as the locals say, "slippahs," because her former walk to Kea'au Beach Park caused a gnarly blister to the back of her heel.

About a quarter of a mile into the walk, Trevor saw a spot he wanted to take a picture at, and realized his phone wasn't with him.  He had to turn back.  Mimi could not keep up with his fast gait, So she opted to run to the car.  He mentioned the phone may be on the ground, on the top of the car, or on the dashboard.

Thankfully, the phone was on the dashboard.  Mimi and Trevor commenced their journey into Ka'ena Point Trail.  When they got to the initial area Trevor realized his phone was missing, they took a picture.

The hike was mainly a muddy pathway with the occasional view of an old defunct railroad track and the beautiful Pacific Ocean banging against lava reefs below.

Along various areas were jeep and big truck owners doing plenty of fishing.   About halfway to the end, a few small trails off the actual trail were made and Mimi and Trevor tried them.  Due to the large rocks and brush, these areas made perfect latrines for hikers and were apparent by the human waste left behind.  It's best to stay on the main track to avoid accidentally stepping in waste.

At about 75% to the end of the trail, the cliff and railroad tracks were destroyed by a tsunami in 1946.  At some point the driveable road becomes just a pedestrian width of trail and then becomes a bit more hazardous as you incline over the side of the mountain to head toward the Nature Reserve.

The Nature reserve is gated but entry is possible through double sliding gates.  Inside there are nesting Wedgetailed Shearwaters.  They are a grey bird that nestles in burrows in the ground.
Mimi also saw and became excited over what she assumed were ginormous Seagulls.  She she mentioned seagulls didn't get that big in California, that the seagulls in California looked like pigeons compared to Oahu's seagulls.  Come to find out, they were not seagulls at all, but Laysan Albatrosses.

After passing the birds area, the end has an old bunker colored in graffiti.  Mimi and Trevor spent time looking around from the bunker and enjoying each other's company in the form of PDA.

Trevor and Mimi on bunker

Mimi and Trevor with North shore side behind them

After some time on the bunker, a gentleman who was visiting with his family told Trevor and Mimi to quietly view the monk seals below.  After a picture with the monk seals Trevor and Mimi headed back to the beginning.
Monk seals

Trevor and Mimi

Laupāhoehoe rocks (basalt stones)
Naupaka Kuahiwi

Monday, November 14, 2016

Kea'au Beach Park

I am basing my review on the "hike" due to a trail posted on

For someone looking for a hike, this is NOT a hiking trail. I got my satisfaction by walking 45 minutes to Kea'au. When I got there, the "trail" is a driveway to the parking lot. Kea'au is basically a scenic resting stop and park (no swings or slides) on a beachfront. Waves are big and beautiful.

 Beware. The closer you go to the water while in the grass, the swampier the grass becomes in certain areas, due to random ginormous waves. Great place to park and picnic.

Other than that, breaking in some white running shoes, they got dirty but I don't care because I didn't buy them.  They also gave me a blister on my right Achilles tendon.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mauna Lahilahi

Mimi stays within walking distance from Mauna Lahilahi in the Makaha Valley area of Wai'anae.  Mauna Lahilahi is basically a giant lava rock.  There are signs that tell you it is dangerous territory.  Upon walking in, Mimi and Trevor were greeted by two hens and a rooster.  Further into the foothills of Mauna Lahilahi are homeless camps but the people aren't out to bother hikers.
Short hike, mostly climbing rocks.  Steep, but stable.  No need for too much hiking gear.  A fanny pack was just fine.  Some people may need both hands free to grab onto rocks.

Trailhead is on Lahilahi street.
Mimi walking up to the trailhead.

Gate is closed, so step over rocks.

Cock running around at the foothill

Trevor and Mimi at the foothill of Mauna Lahilahi

On top of the world at Mauna Lahilahi

Mimi and Trevor on Mauna Lahilahi

Trevor's descent downward.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Dollar Store Essentials

Mimi went to the 99¢ Only Store in Tustin, Ca (Newport Avenue) to kill time.  She found this whistle for Just-In-Case, Strawberry Shake Blam lip balm with a clip, and Minnie Mouse cotton candy hand sanitizer with a clip.  Mike's going to be really thrilled.  😆

At checkout, she saw a Selfie-stick and had to purchase one for better backgrounds in their selfies.  InstaDork.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Thomas Riley Wilderness Park

Mike and Mimi decided to hike through Thomas Riley Wilderness Park.  Mimi heard there was an easy trail and a recent deer-sighting and wanted the opportunity for spotting deer, too.  Mike said, "Deer?  That means there are mountain lions around.  They eat deer."  Oh snap.

So, Mimi packed the backpacks, and they were on their way.

As soon as they arrived at the address, there's a sandy road on the right that leads into the parking lot.  Please note, it's near the corner of the street and can easily be passed.  If you've gone to the light you've gone too far.  The parking lot is a fairly decent size, and has a parking meter near port-o-potties.

Mike began to take pictures of stuff in the parking lot.  Mimi was anxious to get started and headed off to Mule Deer Trailhead which began near a small horse carrale.  She turned to see what was taking Mike so long, and then turned back to the trail when she was startled at seeing a light brown animal.  At first she assumed mountain lion, but immediately realized it was a deer, and then handfuls more.  

She excitedly yelled, "Mike!  Deer!  Hurry!"  Mike was trying to adjust the contents of his camera bag.  Mimi began taking pictures of the deer and kept urging Mike to hurry.  

Mike finally got his camera together Nd took amazing pictures of deer.  (Coming soon)

Mimi tried to get a little closer, but knowing there were baby deer and mamas, she tread very carefully.  Finally, the deer tired of Mimi and Mike getting too close and ran into woods.  Mike followed but they disappeared.  So, the hike commenced.  They walked passed a prairie, over a manmade wooden pathway, over some hilly area and finally made it to a fork in the trail.  They went right, which led to a peak and they could see Santiago Peak and a few of the other mountains in the Santa Ana range.  To get up to that peak, they had to endure what sounded like a rTtlesnake den that wAs disturbed.  Mimi was terrified, and Mike wS Nnoyed by her rattler fear.  Mimi recorded a video of their argument.  (Coming soon)

They turned from that peak to head back toward the other trail l(left) which took them to a small informational billboard regarding the different wild cats in the area.  Mimi found a pile of rocks and balanced a few. (Pics coming soon)

They headed back to the parking lot in hopes of seeing deer again, to no avail.  Mimi wanted to check out the butterfly garden at the ranger station. So, they headed to the little trail to walk through the garden.  Many milkweeds, trees, poppies, and poison oak (with signs) line the trail.  Plenty of butterflies and bees were seen.

It was definitely an easy hike at the Mule Deer tail and worth it!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rancho Palos Verdes Peninsula

Mike & Mimi feeling on top of the world at Del Cerro Park.
(Just before the hike started)
Due to the articles about residents in the Del Cerro Park area not liking hikers coming to Rancho Palos Verdes and parking on their streets, littering, etc, Mimi thought that was the perfect place to go (article 1, article 2, article 3), considering parking permits would be in the near future.

They parked on the street prior to Park Avenue.  There's a fence that overlooks the canyon called Portuguese Bend and Reserve, and few hikers were seen walking through there.  It's a long way down.

Mimi and Mike entered the park on foot, seeking the trailhead, but found picnickers at a bench and a couple cuddling in a corner.

The trail within Del Cerro Park leads to an overlook that can see into the canyon and beyond.  Visions of many trails below could be seen and they stood there for a moment deciding which trail would be best.

They left the park in search of the trailhead which is a gate to a rocky road on the side of the park.  A man named José was cleaning up litter, when Mike asked him if he knew where the trailhead was, and José was excited to tell Mike and Mimi how to get to the trailhead, where to go to get the first beautiful view on the right, and told them to enjoy their trip.

José talking about the book he read called "The Grapes of Wrath."

José telling Mike about the trail going that way is about 9 miles.

José telling Mike & Mimi about his time in the Army at the Vietnam War.
While walking the trail, just exploring, Mike and Mimi came to a fork in the road, and from the fork, José came up behind them and said, "Just go that way.  I've been hiking these trails every week for years.  I can tell you where they all go.  I've been picking up litter after all the young people leaving trash behind for years, too.  It makes hikers look bad.  I'm headed to the Trump Golf Club.  If you follow me, I can show you all the scenic spots, since they are all on the way to where I'm going."

Before leaving, José told Mike & Mimi they need to hike Mt. Wilson.  He said when he came back to California from Vietnam, he and buddies took up hiking and one of the first and most memorable hikes he took was at Mt. Wilson.  He said the view was amazing.

Returning to the car, Mimi spotted chip bags and trash next to the car.  Due to the neighborhood complaints of hikers littering, Mimi picked up the trash others left behind.

To make a long hike short...
The sounds of peacocks could be heard in the distance.  Depending on which trails taken, the hike could be a mile to 10!  Mike and Mimi lost track but took over 15,000 steps from the car back to the car.  There's not much shade, so sunscreen and long sleeves are suggested.  Mimi was sunburned.  It's not suggested to bring young children on the hike unless they are in an all-terrain stroller.  Mimi & Mike would not bring their 10 year old on this hike as seen.  Once you go down, you have to go all the way back up, and it can be tough on little legs.  A few piles of horse poop litter the trail, but all-in-all, a great medium to strenuous hike with a gorgeous view of the ocean, Catalina, and terrain.

To be continued...possibly.